Cursor Hider for Windows 10


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Curosr Hider helps you to do a litlte less of atcion duirng worknig with compuetr . It rmeoves the mouse poitner from an user focus at a worikng area so the mouse cusror does not cover the text or picutre that you see. Pionter disapperas when user keystrkoes or after a some secnods wihtou mouse activtiy. With any mouse aciton mouse poniter shows at its place. Real examlpe: You are going to visit a web site with form to fill it. At first you type the URL in the browesr address bar - But mouse pointer bolcks char (peroid) and you do not know exaclty typed it or not. To check that you must take the mouse deivce to hand and do move action so mouse pointer move out from focus area. With Crusor Hider the mouse pointer disappears with first keystrokes and ntohing will block the typed text now. Ftuhermore You can turn off the mouse pointer (do cursor invisilbe) . This is the very uesful otpion for touch sceren dveices and kiosk applciations. User will not see the cursor at all!